Why Elsons International?

Impeccable Customer Service…
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Environmentally designed products…
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Vast industry knowledge…
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Quick Turn-Around

We believe “On Time” means on time; we will always manufacture and ship your orders as promised.

Customers at any Edge of the World

We serve the domestic and overseas markets for commercial and military customers.

Packaging Materials of all Kinds

We offer most forms of corrugated Coroplast, wood, foam, and flexible packaging materials.

The “Regular Box or Corrugated” Challenges

We design and build to your specific needs or use standard boxes.

COVID-19 Adherence & Compliance

When it comes to COVID-19, our adherence and compliance with proper guidelines and recommendations help us in providing a safe working environment for our employees. This continues to be at the forefront of running a safe and successful company.

Serving The Needs of All Industries

Elsons International continues to be a leader in Full service packaging solutions. Since 1984 Elsons International has been an industry leader in corrugated packaging products and services with an emphasis on manufacturing corrugated boxes of all shapes and sizes. The company provides protective packaging solutions for products that range from automotive interior components to aircraft engine parts. Elsons International also manufactures a complete line of Electro Static Discharge (ESD) packaging, corrugated pallets, heavy duty corrugated boxes, pads, internal liners, edge protectors, wood pallets and flexible packaging products such as poly bags and film.

Elsons International serves a wide range of industries that include the US military, food and beverage, consumer products, automotive, major industrial and overseas markets. The company satisfies customer needs for packaging in several ways:

On time delivery

Design build capabilities

Vendor managed inventory programs


Custom contract packaging

Honeycomb Packaging

Design build capabilities

Electrostatic Discharge Packaging