Jackson at the second annual Civil Rights Symposium emphasized the necessity for minority businesses to not solely rely on MBE/FBE/DBE Certifications as a business incubator. Jackson expressed his basic philosophy, “You have to be qualified and able to produce your products or deliver your services with the highest degree of quality, customer service, and professionalism as your competitor.” Jackson stressed the need to be a “GBE” (Good Business Enterprise). To Jackson, “Inclusion means that I can make money!”

Jackson, CEO at Elsons International and CFO/COO at MAC Installations & Consulting LLC was a panelist with William Brian Burgett, President  & CEO, Kokosing Construction. Moderated by Attorney Larry James, Partner, Crabbe Brown & James LLP, Jackson and Burgett discussed “Ways to Create Successful Partnerships.”

“Owner’s Will is key to the success for diversity and inclusion. The directives flow top down,” Jackson added. A fan favorite, Jackson was a panelist at the inaugural 2017 Civil Rights Symposium last year which featured as the keynote speaker, Martin Luther King III.