Boosting Safety and Sustainability through Better Design

Lincoln Electric company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio needed to address a request from their clients to replace wood pallets that was used to ship welding wire.  As these shipments ultimately ended on production floors, there were some safety and waste concerns.

We were contacted to develop a corrugated pallet that could meet the fit, form, and function requirements of the wood pallet and also be able to address the safety and recycling/sustainability of the customer’s efforts.  Elsons International was able to design, test, and manufacture corrugated pallets at competitive pricing that created an optimal pallet and shipping solution for the customer.

As a bonus, this solution also yielded cost savings for the customers due to the recycling advantages of corrugated material that can be resold on the waste market. Elsons International has now engineered and designed five (5) different corrugated pallet styles to meet the needs of welding wire products for Lincoln Electric.

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