Boosting Safety and Sustainability through Better Design

Summary: Lincoln Electric Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, faced safety and waste concerns due to the use of wooden pallets for shipping welding wire. Elsons International was brought in to develop a corrugated pallet solution that would not only meet the requirements of the wood pallets but also enhance safety and sustainability. This successful partnership not only addressed Lincoln Electric’s immediate concerns but also resulted in cost savings due to the recyclability of corrugated material. Elsons International has since designed five different styles of corrugated pallets to cater to Lincoln Electric’s varied welding wire products.

Industry: Welding, Manufacturing, Packaging
Category: Pallet Design & Manufacturing
Processes: Corrugated Material Design, Safety & sustainability Enhancement

Lincoln Electric needed a substitute for wooden pallets that were used for shipping welding wire. These pallets were posing safety and waste issues, particularly when the shipments ended up on production floors. The challenge was to design a new pallet system that would meet the same fit, form, and function requirements as the wooden pallets, while also addressing safety and sustainability.

Elsons International utilized their extensive knowledge in corrugated packaging solutions to meet Lincoln Electric’s specific needs. They developed corrugated pallets that matched the structural integrity and functionality of the wood pallets but with added safety and sustainability benefits. After designing and testing the corrugated pallets, Elsons International successfully manufactured these at competitive pricing, providing Lincoln Electric with an optimal solution for both shipping and safety concerns.

Elsons International’s corrugated pallet solution met all the specific requirements outlined by Lincoln Electric. The transition from wooden to corrugated pallets led to improved safety and sustainability, effectively addressing the customer’s initial concerns. Additionally, the corrugated material provided cost-saving opportunities through its recyclability, a feature that wood pallets could not offer. This successful project has led Elsons International to engineer and design five different styles of corrugated pallets to meet Lincoln Electric’s diverse welding wire product needs.