Elsons Crafts Custom Solutions for Quality Park Products

Summary: Quality Park Products, a division of Cenveo Company, faced the daunting task of sourcing, designing, and pre-packaging 18 different sizes of square and triangle die-cut mailing tubes for both retail and industrial reseller markets. They partnered with Elsons International, a leader in full-service corrugated packaging solutions. Elsons provided a comprehensive solution—designing, manufacturing, and even pre-packaging the tubes, bundling them in sets of 25 with shrink wrapping and labeling. This end-to-end service helped Quality Park Products efficiently manage their supply chain, achieving a seamless experience that met all their needs.

Industry: Packaging, Retail & Industrial Resellers
Category: Design & Manufacturing, Secondary Packaging
Processes: Needs Analysis, High-Efficiency Manufacturing, Shrink Wrapping, Labeling

Quality Park Products, a market leader in mailing solutions, found themselves at a crossroads. Their ambitious plan to provide 18 different sizes of square and triangle die-cut mailing tubes for their retail and industrial reseller markets came with a slew of logistical challenges. Additionally, the products needed to be shrink-wrapped and labeled in bundles of 25. The comprehensive nature of this requirement made it arduous to manage the supply chain and find a single vendor capable of providing a seamless solution for the entire process.

Understanding the intricate requirements presented by Quality Park Products, Elsons International leveraged its expertise in full-service corrugated packaging solutions. The first task was to understand the client’s specific needs for mailing tubes in a variety of shapes and sizes, while also ensuring quality standards were met. The company then proceeded with the design and manufacturing phases, closely aligning with the needs and specifications provided by Quality Park Products.

In addition to the primary manufacturing responsibilities, Elsons International also undertook the secondary packaging phase. They took care of the client’s requirements for shrink wrapping and labeling the mailing tubes in bundles of 25 units, thus delivering a complete package of services.

This comprehensive approach enabled Quality Park Products to manage their entire supply chain more efficiently, as they could rely on a single vendor for all their packaging needs. Elsons International provided an all-in-one solution, from design to delivery, ensuring that every aspect of the client’s needs was met.

Partnering with Elsons International allowed Quality Park Products to efficiently manage their supply chain by single-sourcing their entire packaging process, from design to delivery. This not only met but exceeded their requirements for 18 different sizes and shapes of die-cut mailing tubes. By handling both the primary manufacturing and secondary requirements of shrink wrapping and labeling, Elsons International ensured that Quality Park Products‘ needs were comprehensively met at every phase. This resulted in a seamless, end-to-end solution that bolstered customer satisfaction for Quality Park Products in both retail and industrial reseller markets.