Elsons International provides complete custom design build capabilities of full runners, block/ 4-way, and core type corrugated pallets for food and beverage, consumer, and industrial applications.

These products have almost limitless size and style ranges and we can design what fits your needs. Weight bearing capabilities up to 10,000 lbs.

Advantages of Corrugated Pallets

Different styles and sizes

Not subject to ISPM export regulations

Lighter than wood & are easily handled by employees

Freight savings due to the lighter weight

100% recyclable

Small and Large Runs

Characteristics of wooden pallets that present safety/health issues

Unlike wood, corrugated pallets have no nails, splinters, mold or other


International adoption of the ISPM standards requiring that all solid wood packaging material is heat treated or fumigated. Corrugated pallets are exempt from these restrictions, they are closely priced with treated wood pallets.


Corrugated pallets are designed to particular specifications for size, weight, and entry. Corrugated pallets can be customized to be very economic. Multiple sizes are available to prevent tooling costs.

Recyclable/Easy Disposal

Corrugated pallets can be recycled along with any other old/used corrugated materials. This makes disposal of the pallets simple and less expensive than landfill.

Freight Savings

Wooden pallets are more costly and weigh more than a corrugated pallet weight of 15-19 lbs. (7-9 kg).

Health & Safety

Due to the corrugated pallet weight of 15-19 lbs. (7-9 kg) the pallets are easily lifted. Corrugated pallets do not contain nails, rough edges, uneven boards, dangerous splinters,or bugs.

Elson International is a Distributor of Wood Boxes, Crates, and Pallets

Fulfillment Capabilities

  • Unitizing & Bulk to Unit Kit Packaging
  • Shrink Wrap (Tunnel)
  • Box Set-Up
  • Re-packaging
  • Light Assembly
  • Distribution of Packaged Goods
  • Testing Facilities
  • Inspection Processes
  • Sorting

Industries Served

  • Automotive
  • Electronic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Export Packaging
  • Air Freight
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Grocery
  • Trade Displays

In addition, our corrugated pallets:

  • Perform extremely well per ASTM 1185 standard racking and static tests.
  • Are ISPM 15 Compliant for global shipping.
  • Are efficiently and cost-effectively manufactured using Automated Equipment.
  • Can be treated with a Water Resistant coating for added durability and strength in extremely humid or moist conditions.
  • Can be manufactured with a 4th Runner or with Triple Wall Deck Sheets for clients who are stacking small boxes, uneven loads, bags, FIBC loads, or shipments in excess of 6000 lbs.