Elsons International Creates Expendable Packaging for Export Shipment

Honda Motor Company of North America had contacted our company for an expendable packaging solution for shipping engine motor castings in metal racks that were destined for export shipment to the far east, in support of cars produced that need 4 to 6 cylinder engines.

Primary car models are the Accord, Acura, and Mini Vans. The packaging was designed out of laminated corrugated packaging that had die cut sections to hold the parts as well as partitions to protect the parts from touching the finish. Each set of packaging had to hold a minimum of 30 castings per rack. Plastic barrier material was also needed to protect the parts from rusting based on ocean shipments.

This project allowed Elsons International to compete for other business with Honda and we are now approved for supplying corrugated plastic returnable packaging to Tier one suppliers of  Honda.

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