Custom Design Packaging Professionals, Elsons International offers decades of experience in the design and fabrication of durable reusable high-quality packaging to suit the needs of a wide range of industries.

We can quickly and efficiently handle projects in North America, producing quotations, prototypes, and delivering on-time shipping to meet your needs. Elsons International is lean, practices green manufacturing, and can save you time and money.
Everything we make is custom, therefore whether you have specific packaging requirements or just an idea, our engineers can create custom packaging that fulfills all your requirements and exceeds expectations.


Steel Racks & Carts

We design and manufacture custom steel systems form the ground up to fit any part. We integrate our plastic corrugated and form product to meet your specific shipping, storage, or work in process needs.

Sleeve Packs

Our plastic corrugated sleeves and gaylords are used in many different applications. Sleeves are custom designed to fit wood or plastic and we also offer full pack sets including sleeves for pallets and internal dunnage.

Advantages of Elsons International Returnable Packaging

  1. Reduce and consolidate orders delivering more products in fewer packaging.
  2. Reuse packaging; boxes, separators, and cushioning materials.
  3. Return packaging to local shipping stores including cushioning materials.
  4. Recycle corrugated and other materials including polyethylene films.